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Unlike the usual beer competitions, the Finest Beer Selection is not a competition in which beers are compared with other beers in each category. The concept is rather a sensory test of excellence.

Each beer is individually analyzed aromatically and evaluated based on a transparent 100-point scheme. Only the best beers of a year with a Finest Beer Score of 90 points or more make it into the exclusive circle of the Finest Beer Selection.

The tasting and thus the selection of the Finest Beer Selection is carried out each year by an international jury of qualified experts in a blind tasting.

Behind the concept are Doemens and Meininger Verlag, two absolute experts with several years of experience in analyzing and evaluating beers and in organizing highly professional beer tastings.
The Finest Beer Selection, the new, reliable quality compass for breweries, the trade and for all beer consumers.



EBC, IBU, degrees plato, ABV … The usual beer competitions submit to a rigid beer style corset. The Finest Beer Selection is breaking new, and explores progressive and innovative paths.

  • The Finest Beer Selection does it without a style guide. We believe that rigid category descriptions and analytical thresholds are detrimental to unbiased tasting focused on beer quality.

  • Instead, the benchmark for the tasting is your self-assessment of which style the beer corresponds to. Assign it to an established style when registering, or register it individually as a creative brewing experiment.

  • Your style information serves as a sensory guide for the jury. With a high level of technical expertise, the taster groups describe and evaluate the beers, freed from guideline values and style guide discussions.


Only after an intensive sensory analysis and description of the beers does our expert jury give its individual assessment based on a 100-point system. This way we do justice to each and every beer.

Finest Beer Expert Jury

Proven beer experts with many years of tasting experience analyze the beers aromatically and evaluate them - individually, singularly and without comparison with competitors.

Finest Beer Profile

On the basis of numerous descriptors matched to each beer style, the jury creates an aroma profile in the form of a spider web diagram: the Finest Beer Profile.

Finest Beer Score

Based on the proven 100-point tasting pattern, each beer receives its individual rating, the Finest Beer Score, which shows the classification in a transparent and comprehensible way.

Finest Beer Selection

All samples with a Finest Beer Score of 90 or more points are included in the selection of the best beers of a year.



An experienced, international expert jury analyzes and evaluates your beer in a blind tasting at Doemens - independently, impartially, professionally and not in comparison to other beers.


The jury creates a "Finest Beer Profile" for each beer. This provides information about the aromatic character of your beer in the form of a spider web diagram.


With a "Finest Beer Score" of 90 or more points, your beer is officially included in the "Finest Beer Selection" of the respective year. To promote this success, you will receive the "Finest Beer Seal", which you can use for free, for example on your label, on the website, in documents, etc.


We create a professional, high-resolution image of your beer. You can for free use the evaluation and high resolution images for your communication purposes. As part of an award ceremony, winning photos will also be produced, which you can use free of charge for your media work.


The winning selection beers are presented to a broad public with a large circulation and wide coverage. The communication channels include the company's own website, the worldwide Doemens network and the various Meininger publications. The important B2B channels in the beverage trade and gastronomy in particular are reached via these.


User account

After unlocking the registration (end-April), you can create an user account with all important data on your brewery in the first step.

Beer registration

You can then register your beers one after the other. In a few clicks you can either register for the appopriate beer style or for your creative brewing experiment via an individual input.


Pay immediately after the beer recording using a credit card or PayPal or have an invoice created, which you subsequently pay by bank transfer.


CONTENT BY JAVASCRIPT !</p> <p>Send your samples between the September 4th and 29th, 2023 to the</p> <p>Doemens Academy GmbH,<br /> Finest Beer Selection,<br /> Lohenstraße 3, 82166 Gräfelfing.</p> <p>Depending on the container, 10 samples (<0.5l), 8 samples (0.5l) or 6 samples (> 0.5l) are required per beer.

Correctness check

After receiving the beers, the organization team of the Finest Beer Selection checks the beer data recorded for correctness. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the team.

Finest Beer Expert Jury

The carefully selected, staffed internationally Finest Beer Expert jury is made up of renowned beer experts with high subject expertise and tasting experience. The jury is intensely trained on the concept and tasting sheets.


Each beer is described, analyzed and evaluated in a blind tasting by a jury group (and not in ranking comparison with other beers) in appearance, flavour and taste.

Finest Beer Profile

The blind tasting takes place in two stages: First an aroma profile is created in the form of a spider web diagram: the Finest Beer Profile. It uses individual descriptors that match the specified beer style.

Finest Beer Score

In the second step, an assessment value, the Finest Beer Score, is determined on the basis of a 100-point pattern.


You will receive your result by email in a timely manner after the result evaluation. The result contains the objective tasting results including your individual Finest Beer profile, the Finest Beer Score and, if necessary, the award certificate.

Finest Beer Selection

All beers with a Finest Beer Score of 90 or higher are included in the Finest Beer Selection and proudly carry their medal on the bottle or can.



How does the participation work? After you have created your user account, you can register your beers to be submitted. Click your way to the appropriate beer style in just a few steps or register your creative brewing experiment via an individual entry.

In your user profile you can manage, edit and pay your beer samples at any time.

Deadline for registration is 25.08.2023! After payment, send your beer samples from 04 – 29.09.2023 to Doemens Academy GmbH, Lohenstraße 3, 82166 Gräfelfing.




Start registrations:
Middle April
End early bird discount:
Registration deadline:
Start date submissions:
Deadline for samples:
Tasting at Doemens:
10. – 12.10.2023
Award Ceremony:
KW 45


Per beer registration with early bird discount:
230 €
Per beer registration without early bird discount:
260 €
Per beer with registration of
min. 3 beers with early bird discount:
200 €
Per beer with registration of
min. 3 beers without early bird discount:
230 €

All prices net, German brewers plus VAT, brewers from EU without VAT if tax ID is recorded. Brewers outside EU without VAT upon presentation of appropriate proof of entrepreneurship.


You don’t want to miss the start of registration! Write to us and we will remind you with a unique message.